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Welcome Back Srikandi Sri Mulyani

Public trust of
Indonesia’s market long have been faded. It is must be an evaluation because this
is impossible occurred without existing causes. However, these beliefs appear
again for the return of a minister. Sri Mulyani. She is a former minister of
the Indonesia Finance, who served the era of President Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono. Sri mulyani is printer record as first woman who can be a finance
minister in Indonesia. Several years ago, she had snagged the Mega scandal cases of corruption that
had not been finished, namely the alleged corruption case Fasilitas Pemberian
Jangka Pendek (FPJP) and the establishment of PT Century Bank as a failed bank
with systemic impact. However, to date there has been no continuity concerning
the case.
Since the earliest days
Jokowi Presidency, he has offered the job to Sri Mulyani. However, there are
still some issues with various media, then Mulyani refused the offer. Sri
Mulyani is back. He now stands at the helm of the field for the Indonesian Economy.
Got the offer as finance minister by President Joko Widodo, Sri Mulyani
Indrawati decided to stop working as Executive Director of the World Bank. The
choice is then received mixed reactions from officials of the World Bank.
            Sri mulyani is one who reform in the
areas of Indonesia’s taxation. For example of reforms is increase in the number
of civil servants and salaries. Market players will in fact respond to early
cabinet in reshuffle volume II. So, in common if the return of Sri Mulyanti considered
able to make a policy tax amnesty run smoothly. The Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan
( IHSG ) in the first session already suffering strengthening. Amazingly, with
a capacity of her strong analyze make an impact on the increased trust the business
world on Indonesia. In addition, her existence in the ranks of the cabinet
makes job opportunities in Indonesia is more open. Hopefully, with the return
of Sri Mulyani can help the government in terms of tax amnesty so that the
presence of funds to indonesia can be a source of the cost of funding for
country development as well as reduce dependence Indonesia’s
loans to foreign.

Studies by. Astari Cita.

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