Brexit, the UK’s vote leave the UE Reap Polemic

source: aljazeera

Britain has held a referendum to decide whether to go out
or stay in the European Union (EU). Referendum is popularly called Brexit or
British Exit will determine the fate of the economy and the state of British
society forward. The referendum was carried out on Thursday, June 23, 2016,
local time. The entire Britons over the age of 18 can vote “yes” or
“no”. Whichever stronghold get more than half the votes will win the
Brexits’s referendum is the promise of Prime Minister
David Cameron if he wins re-election in 2015, following pressure from members
of his own party, the Conservative Party, and the right-wing anti-immigration
British UKIP, who told the British people never again to convey the aspirations
directly since 1975. At that time, the British in the referendum states still
wants to join the European Union. But, there are a bunch of groups who feel
that since 1975 the European Union more control of their daily lives.
In addition, most of the British people feel that the UK
weighed down by the European Union, where EU legislation which was assessed as
limiting business in the UK. Another thing to be considered for England’s exit
from the European Union is for the European Union to withdraw money for a
membership fee a number of billions of dollars and England feel just a little
profits. No more other things to be considered England’s exit from the European
Union is one of the principles of the European Union on ‘Free Movement’ which
brought many immigrants to come and settle in the UK.
The decision on whether the UK will exit the EU or not a
concern of British society itself and the European Union are working in the UK.
There is a lot of uncertainty that will occur if the British exit from the EU.
British society itself would consider to be out of the EU or not, by looking at
the economic impact. Keep in mind, one of the principles of the European Union
on “Free Movement” actually has a very significant impact for the UK
either positively or negatively. There are about 800 thousand Polish people who
work and live in the UK, and does not include the human resources of other
countries of the European Union. The decision that the British exit from the
European Union to make a lot of human resources come from outside the UK will
hang his fate, they do not know what will happen later. In addition, the UK
itself will also experience a “loss”. Economists say that, in the UK
will rush to find a replacement position if a lot of potential human resources
from outside the UK were released, and it will affect the economic slowdown.
Not only the loss of “talent” but England will also be hassle if a
lot of human resources in the position of “small” is issued in bulk. As
we know, in English, are few people who are willing to work as a shop assistant
or a restaurant. Such a position is filled by EU citizens outside the UK. Since
discourse Brexit launched, EU citizens who have settled and have a livelihood
in the UK worried. They hope that the UK is not so out of the EU.
However, the expectations do not match with the results
of the vote. They decided to exit from the EU. The official results will be
announced at the end of the referendum at Manchester Town Hall, northern
England. Official service will announce it is the Election Commission in the
UK. Until now, the official announcement has not been delivered. But the media
is doing the counting claim the data could be accounted for. Voting was held in
380 regions that exist across England, Wales and Scotland. Plus two areas in
Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, located on the southern coast of Spain. Thus, a
total of 382 voting areas, each of which announce the results gradually.
Amount calculated as 33,577,342 committee. Of those, as
many as 16,141,241 people choose to remain in the EU. As for who opt out of the
EU is 17,410,742 people. It can be concluded that 51.9 percent of opting out of
the European Union, the remaining 48.1 per cent survive.
The results of this referendum inviting the reaction of
other countries in the European Union. This result also makes British Prime
Minister David Cameron resigned. Britain is the first country to come out of
the EU. Britain’s decision was also made a number of European politicians by
British people’s choice is once again ignoring the
terrible threat that has been presented the European Union. The EU ‘s 28
countries have already warned of the impact for the UK if it is out of the
alliance. Terrible threat, among others, the British would make the budget hole
to overcome the tax increase because it will lose access to trade in the EU.
President of the United States (US), Barack Obama has also been threatened not
to prioritize the UK on trade with the US if England chose Brexit. In his
threat, Obama declared that Britain should be in line behind the European Union
in trade with the US. However, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP),
which pro-Brexit, Nigel Farage, called the EU a “failed project”.
Although the final results have not been officially
announced, but the impact of the referendum has been felt in various parts of
the world. Global stock markets fall and give negative sentiment to the stock
market in various countries, including Indonesia. Friday, June 24, 2016, Indeks
Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) in Bursa Efek Indonesia
(BEI) tumbled
2.28%, or 110.942 points to 4763.367. The rupiah weakened 1.08% to Rp13.391 per
US dollar positions.
The impact of the departure of the British from the EU to the Indonesian
economy is only temporary. However, Indonesia must be alert to the possibility
‘second round effects’. According to analyst from senior BCA, David Sumual,
that the weakening of the rupiah only a temporary reaction to the market. He
said that to worry is the effect of the second round as it did in 2008. The
condition of some global banks have their financial condition is still
problematic and worrying. It certainly could trigger a domino effect (domino
effect) to the global financial markets that triggered the global financial
crisis (global financial crisis). But if there is no second round effects as
feared, the impact on emerging markets (developing markets such as China, India
and Indonesia) will be positive. To that end, the role of government is needed.
The Indonesian government can ‘protect’ the Indonesian economy by doing a swap
arrangement (borrowing of foreign exchange) with other central banks and create
a conservative budget for global risk is still relatively high.

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