Deepen The Sense of Tax Amnesty

financial documents from a law firm Panama origin, leak and reveal how networks
of corruption and tax crimes of the head of state, a secret agent, celebrity
until fugitive, hidden in a tax-free haven. Data from Panama Papers showed
around 803 Indonesian citizens (citizen) has investments in a tax haven country
(tax heaven). The emergence of such news, the Indonesian government plans to
set up a new law to tackle Indonesia funds stored abroad.
Government will undertake policy reforms in taxation simultaneously from this
year until 2017. This year began with a revised draft Law (Draft) General
Provisions and Tax Procedures, then in the following years will be followed by
a bill Added Tax value of Goods and Services, Income Tax, and Property Tax. In
the revision of the law or draft general provisions and tax procedures this
year, the government will add rules regarding the tax amnesty or remission of
taxes. Then, what is the tax amnesty?
simply of the tax amnesty is forgiveness of taxes, namely the elimination of
tax for taxpayers (WP) who save their money abroad and does not fulfill its
obligations to pay taxes in exchange for paying the tax at a lower rate. The
results of the study of Bank Indonesia (BI) noted that the fund Indonesia’s
potential return to the country due to tax amnesty policy, or a tax amnesty is
Rp 560 trillion, and the tax revenue that can be obtained is Rp 45.7 trillion.
if these funds amounting to Indonesia?
government formed a joint team, if Bill (the Bill) Tax Amnesty was passed.
“This team will be coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, with the
Director General of Taxation,” said Chief Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung
on Monday as reported
team is to provide legal certainty and comfort, for anyone who would ask
forgiveness taxes. According to Pramod, the team is composed of the National
Police, the Attorney General, INTRAC, Ministry of Justice, Bank Indonesia, the
Financial Services Authority, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With hope,
that the taxpayer may repatriate funds hundred trillion.
Joko Widodo in the meeting discussion draft Tax Amnesty ordered his staff to
prepare an investment instrument to hold funds will come from abroad. The initial
stage, external funding could be accommodated by domestic banks, to finance
government projects, through investments that will be made.
there is the addition of support and rejection of these rules on tax amnesty.
Opinion Supporters say that the tax amnesty policy could be an effective
solution to increase the number of new taxpayers and tax revenue. However,
there is a rejection argued that the policy is a desperate move of the
government. In addition, the implementation of tax amnesty to encourage
citizens who have been abiding tax to be bad because there is a sense of envy
against persons who easily obtain pardon for tax violations.
has imposed a tax amnesty in 1984, but its implementation is not effective
because the response of taxpayers is very less and not followed by reform of
the tax administration system as a whole. Therefore, the implementation of the
tax amnesty this time must be carried out carefully and well prepared. The need
for public support and approval in full and their adequate legal base has also
become an important factor of the successful implementation of this tax

do you think, whether this new policy will be run by purpose or just become a
new tool for unscrupulous elements to enrich himself? ( sd )

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