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You want to start a new business? When you want to start a business or venture, there must be a few important things that you need to pay attention to achieve sales targets, one of them is consumer behavior.

This is because in business of course there is competition between other businesses. Especially, if the business you create is like other people’s businesses. So, if you want your business can grow up, you must know these things.

In building a business, of course is not an easy thing to do and you must really know the target market, like how consumer behavior is and what kind of consumer behavior there is. Because knowing and recognizing consumer behavior can make your business run optimally.

Then, what is consumer behavior?

A consumer is a person or group of people who use goods and/or services for their own, family, community, or other needs and not for resale. That is, consumers are people who take the value of the benefits of these goods and/or services.

According to Clootrack, consumer behavior refers to the study of customers and how they behave when deciding to buy a product. The study of consumer behavior is needed by sellers to understand customer needs.


Types of Consumer Behavior

  1. Complex Buying Behavior

This consumer behavior is complex, where consumers of this type have many considerations in buying an item. For example, when you want to buy the latest cellphone at an expensive price. Surely, you will think many times before buying this phone.

  1. Dissonance Buying Behavior

The second type emphasizes differences between brands. Just like when you want to buy a new cellphone, of course you will try to find differences from the several cellphone brands that you choose.

  1. Habitual Buying Behavior

The third is Habitual Buying Behavior, this type is consumer behavior in choosing and buying products that are commonly used. For example, when you are used to using a certain perfume, you tend not to glance at other perfume brands. The decision to buy the same perfume is based on usage habits, not customer loyalty.

  1. Variety Seeking Behavior

In this last type of consumer behavior, consumers buy new products that are different from the old products they usually use. Usually, this is because they are not satisfied with the previous product.

By understanding consumer behavior, as a businessman or prospective businessman, you can have a good impact on developing of your business. To achieving profits, of course you need to develop the right business strategy so that sales targets can be achieved. Therefore, you must be good at reading market opportunities and trends that are being loved by many people.

You can position yourself as a seller and buyer, position yourself as a competitor, and consider several factors of consumer behavior. So that, you can determine the right location to start a business as well as determine the right target market. (DVY/VAN)

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