The President of Indonesia Expected the Announcement of Civil Servant’s Increased Salary

Sri Mulyani as the Finance Minister of Indonesia gave a strong indication of the increase in the wages of civil servants which will come into effect in 2024.  Sri Mulyani in an interview stated that, “Mr. President will submit the 2024 state budget bill on August 16. One of the things we are seriously calculating, in detail, is the salary increase for ASN, TNI, Polri, and retirees.”

The first proposal for the increase in wages for civil servants was made by the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas. Based on his opinion, rather than having large benefits which were large and unequal. As the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, he proposed to have the basic salary of civil servants be increased instead.

The salary increase for civil servants in Indonesia is planned to be carried out through a planned revision of the provision of performance allowances (Tukin). This system will mean that more rewards will be given to the civil servants that have worked optimally from the task that is given, this is done so that the final income received is greater.

Previously, civil servant salaries had not changed in the last 4 years, the last change was implemented in 2019. This means that civil servants haven’t had a pay raise in the last 4 years. At that time, the salary increase was marked by the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2019 concerning the Eighteenth Amendment to Government Regulation Number 7 of 1977 concerning Salary Regulations for Civil Servants.

Through this regulation, Jokowi increased the salary of ASN by around 5 percent, including the salaries of the TNI and Polri. This means that the basic salary of civil servants is set at IDR 1,560,800 for the lowest tenure to IDR 5,901,200 for the highest term. More about these rules, what makes the difference is the amount of tukin that civil servants get. For example, DGT civil servants get the highest tukin worth Rp. 117,375,000 for echelon I, and the lowest is Rp. 5,361,800 for executor positions.

In conclusion, the proposal from the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, Abdullah Azwar Anas, whether or not the proposal is accepted will depend on the decision of President Joko Widodo, when making the announcement related to the 2024 state budget. (BJW/AM)

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