Go is a game based augmanted-reality (combining the virtual object into a real
environment, and projected in real time), which was developed by the Pokemon
Company in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic. This game is a free game
for android and iOS, and was released on July 6, 2016 in the region of
Australia and New Zealand, and US in the next day.
players competing to run out of the house, traveling to a specific location,
and capture the funny and cute monster, who called “ pokemon ”. Game Pokemon Go
using GPS and rear camera for capturing Pokemon virtual in various locations.
Why are many
people love POKEMON GO?
Go is a global phenomenon. All of gamers in the world, want to taste this game.
If you want play this game, you must have big memory space and internet data a
lot. Play this game also consume battery power of your smartphone very quickly.
Why ? because when you play, you have to enable the Internet, GPS and rear
camera smartphone. Apparently, it’s not a reason to not play Pokemon Go. Many
reasons for fall in love with Pokemon Go. Among those reasons are, want to try
something new, following trend, add friends, and maybe they are lovers of the
opportunities behind POKEMON GO

a lot of trainer (user Pokemon Go) come out and this condition became
inspiration for the businessman. One of the emerging business of fever Pokemon
Go of “services catch pokemon”. This service, very helpful for
trainers who struggle to get a new pokemon. Not only that, the phenomenon of
Pokemon Go also be a benefit for online transportation services, especially for
motorcycles and cars. Why ? because many pokemon trainer hunt using these
Be careful while
playing POKEMON GO

thing who out of capacities definitey not good. Fact show, in the US was found
victimized of pokemon game , due to fall when trying to catch pokemon virtual
Go requires the trainer to focus on the smartphone, so he would not miss his
target. This condition makes one overlook the surrounding environment. This is
the main reason, the creation of various accidents. The case of a vehicle
collision, theft, kidnapping, and even death.
” POKEMON GO ” in Indonesia
Go phenomenon that occurred in Indonesia isn’t different from other countries.
when playing the game, users have to drive around looking for pokemon,
considered to be unique and be something worth trying. But unfortunately, we
have to wait patiently until the Niantic decided to hold the official release
of this game in Indonesia.
Pokemon Go could have been safety in Indonesia, there really isn’t show a big
problem that would occur when players play with normally, and prioritizing
safety. However, hunting pokemon in big cities Indonesia, it has a high risk.
We should think about the level of congestion, and crime that may occur. While
playing trainer will focus on they smartphone, than the surrounding
environment. At the moment is utilized by thieves. Especially if traine hunts
pokemon alone. Theft mode when playing Pokemo Go, often occurs in Jakarta. Be
better, if you want to hunt pokemon should be some company, do not be alone and
you must never obsessed with this game.
Are you
interested in ” POKEMON GO “?

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