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The Importance of Mental Health in Students

Health is a condition of good physical, mental and social condition and the absence of disease. Mental health is defined as a condition in which a person knows his abilities, copes with normal stress in life, works productively and successfully, and contributes to his community.

The mental health problems of students in tertiary institutions are very big and important. But on the other hand, students’ mental health has not received adequate attention. As a result, mental health problems in students are not detected and are not treated so that they become chronic, which can increase morbidity and mortality.

In addition, suicide and mental crises related to mental health also increased, academic achievement was low, and group out. The biggest disadvantage is the loss of existing investment and lost productive days. Entering the lecture period sometimes becomes a difficult time for some students with busy class schedules, new social environments, new environmental situations, not to mention that there are those who choose to study while working to become a mental burden for students. Several studies say that students today are very vulnerable to mental disorders. Here are some types of mental disorders that are often felt by students:

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1. Depression
According to research by the American Psychological Association, cases of mental disorders in college students have increased by 10 percent in the last 10 years. Many things make students depressed, some of which may be due to a lack of management in managing playtime and lecture time. Not only that, the more open competition during college made students feel less confident about their abilities and felt they couldn’t do anything compared to their peers. If you feel some of the above, it doesn’t hurt to tell the lecturer or closest friend.

2. Insomnia
Studying and doing assignments sometimes keeps a student up late at night. This habit can have a negative impact on your health, especially on cognitive function due to lack of rest time. Lack of sleep or rest makes your brain feel tired, making it difficult to concentrate and think well. We recommend that you arrange your study time properly to avoid insomnia.

3. Excessive Anxiety
If you feel anxious every now and then, this is still normal. However, if you feel anxious at every activity you do, chances are you have a mental breakdown. Excessive anxiety or anxiety disorder can interfere with daily activities and make you unable to live your life as usual. In fact, anxiety disorders cannot be underestimated because they cause physical distress to increase the risk of heart disease. There are several things that often cause students to experience anxiety disorders such as academic pressure and social life.

4. Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are the most common causes of mental disorders among college students. This disorder gets worse when you don’t realize you have an eating disorder. When you notice a change in your diet, such as eating more or less, this can be an early sign that you have an eating disorder. If you feel you have an eating disorder, you should force yourself to return to your normal diet. There is nothing wrong with consuming more fruits and vegetables. Nutrition and nutrition that are fulfilled in fact help you to more easily carry out your duties as a student.

Spend time in the middle of activities as a student to exercise. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to hang out and do fun activities with friends to take a break every now and then. Not only is physical health necessary, to become a student, mental health is actually necessary to realize dreams.

Therefore, it is necessary to encourage public education on mental health awareness. For the student scope, it would be very good if students create a support group or support group that shelters students with mental health disorders. (SFI / NIS)

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