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Vitamin D form of recovery from Covid-19? | Check out the Pros and Cons of Expert Opinions!

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Do you know about the benefits of vitamin D for our bodies?, Will this vitamin D be harmful to human health?, Then does vitamin D play an important role in the mutation of the Covid-19 virus?.  Let’s look at the following explanation.

Since the Covid-19 virus infects all corners of the world, vitamin D is now much sought after by the general public with the reason to increase the body’s health power. Vitamin D is calcium intake for bones, teeth and the immune system because it is soluble in body fat. Increased immunity is believed by the presence of vitamin D in the body. It turns out that vitamin D is not only a supplement but the sunlight that shines on the human body after the light absorbs the body’s skin.

We can see this from research conducted by several experts regarding Indonesian people who have sufficient vitamin D on average because the area has sunlight throughout the year. Meanwhile, in areas such as England, which is famous for winter, people are encouraged to take vitamin D and even the government provided free vitamin D supplements in 2020, because the area gets little sunlight so it is believed to be vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus.

In connection with the above, the research team from Northwestern University once found a relationship between humans infected with Covid-19 and a lack of vitamin D intake. The research team explained that countries with the highest cases of death due to Covid-19 are known to have vitamin D deficiency, with notes from the study. What has been done requires more in-depth research to explain the facts more accurately because there are differences in each country, whether it’s the level of testing, age of the population, quality of health care or the type of virus that is spreading.

Following the research above, researchers at the India National Herald India with the title “Vitamin D shows promising results in Covid-19 treatment: PGI doctors”, a team of doctors from India revealed evidence that giving vitamin D to humans who are positive for Covid-19 will have a very beneficial impact. based on the results of the study. However, Professor Zubairi Djoerban explained on Tuesday on his Instagram page @profesorzubairi that taking vitamin D between patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and those who were not had the same result, namely that it had no effect on the treatment the patient was taking.

Meeting vitamin D levels that are too excessive for the body will interfere with human health. We can see the post from, which describes the national survey data that has been collected by researchers since 1999 and 2014, it was found that many people are enthusiastic about meeting vitamin D levels in unusual doses that exceed 4,000 IU per day, which is indicating an increase of 2.8%. In fact, the recommended dose of vitamin D is only 600 to 800 IU per day.

In addition, excessive doses of vitamin D will have side effects of being toxic or causing toxicity. Although the addition is only 10-25 micrograms, but it can still protect people who have a history of acute respiratory infections. Not only that, the FDA (Food Drug Administration) also refused permission to treat Covid-19, one of which was taking vitamin D.

“Efforts to increase immunity are not only taking vitamin D, but also need to do regular exercise, stop smoking and drinking alcohol and eat nutritious food,” Zubairi tweeted in a post on his Instagram page.

Professor of women’s health at Harvard Medical School Dr. Joan E. Manson also announced that vitamin D is an important part of bone health, but has not found strong evidence about its function to prevent health other than calcium intake. In his studies, he also did not find vitamin D to play a role in recovery for people who have strokes, heart attacks or cancer.

Talking about vitamin D, of course, we have to understand what factors are needed to fulfill the dose of vitamin D, which are as follows:

  1. A place to live where the winter is more dominant, such as in the North. The people who live there are certain to have a vitamin D deficiency because there is no exposure to sunlight that absorbs the skin;
  2. The aging age is over 65 years because the production of vitamin D in the body has decreased by only a quarter of the age of 20 years ago;
  3. Humans who have dark skin are believed to have low levels of vitamin D, which is half that of white humans. This can be seen in the African-American community;
  4. Body weight that exceeds body mass by 30 and above, it is certain to have a deficiency in vitamin D levels;
  5. Foods containing vitamin D include tuna, sardines, salmon, cheese, eggs, orange juice, milk and yogurt which the body believes will depend on the food consumed;
  6. Humans who have a history of diseases such as liver, cystic fibrosis or inflammation of the intestines which may be difficult to produce vitamin D;
  7. Adequate vitamin D is consumed at the recommended dose, it will maintain bone health, meaning there is no need to consume it in excess because it will have a negative impact on body health

In a research study published in JAMA in 2010, researchers showed that giving high dosesof vitamin D to elderly women has a strong effect on fractures. In addition, consumption of vitamin D in excess of the recommended dose will result in poisoning or hypercalcemia, which means the blood contains too much calcium. This situation allows it to make deposits in soft tissues (arteries) and cause kidney stones in a woman’s body. 


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