7 Countries With the Shortest to Longest Fasting Duration in the World

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Fasting is refraining from things that invalidate it from sunrise to sunset. Fasting aims to refrain from hunger, lust, or anything that enters to the body. There are several types of fasting, one of them is Ramadan fasting. Fasting Ramadan is a fast that must be carried out by Muslims around the world. Fasting on this Ramadan has many rewards and privileges if Muslims do it.

However, the interesting thing about every Ramadan fasting is the difference in the duration of fasting between every each of countries around the world. Because, the minimum fasting duration is around 11 hours and the longest is around 20 hours. Why is it different? This is caused by many factors such as the motion of the earth, the rotation and revolution of the earth, and the apparent motion of the sun. Muslims are also driven to natural phenomena. The fasting time of Ramadan starts from sunrise to sunset. That is, Muslims must restrain their lust from dawn to dusk. Because, it refers to natural phenomena, the length of fasting can be different, as well as prayer times.

In Indonesia, the fasting duration is about 13 hours and that is a normal duration. The 8 countries that have fasting durations from the shortest to the longest, are:

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is the fastest fasting country in the world. Muslims in New Zealand only need 11 hours of fasting. During the month of Ramadan, New Zealand is experiencing autumn to winter season which is causes the sun to appear only briefly and makes the fasting time to be shorter.

  1. Chile

Chile recorded fasting time ranging from 12 hours 26 minutes on the first day and 11 hours 44 minutes on the last day. During the month of Ramadan, Chile is usually in the middle of autumn to winter season. When these two seasons are in progress, the sun only appears briefly which is causes the duration of fasting time to be shorter.

  1. Indonesia
Source: https://medan.tribunnews.com/

Indonesia, whose citizens are predominantly Muslim, has a standard fasting duration. The duration of fasting in Indonesia is around 13 hours. This is makes Indonesia occupy the second position in the shortest fasting duration in Asian countries. Ramadan in Indonesia is something that is greatly missed because it is famous for its crowds and high enthusiasm from the people.

  1. South Korea

The duration of fasting in South Korea depends on the seasonal conditions there. Because, South Korea is a country with four seasons. In Ramadan 2022, Korea is experiencing spring, which is the transition from winter. Therefore, for this year the fasting time in South Korea is around 14 hours.

  1. Japan

The duration of fasting in Japan is around 15 hours. This Ramadan falls in the summer so, that the body becomes more easily tired. Reporting from a Muslim website, one Muslim resident in Tokyo said that life in there is so fast, that’s why fasting is not felt at all. They wake up, then work or study, then come home, break their fast, sleep, and so on. In Japan, Muslims are not considered as a minority, and many Muslim groups organize iftar together.

  1. England
Source: https://www.99.co/

Around three millions Muslims across the UK, observe fasting for 18 to 19 hours. Unlike in Muslim-majority countries, fasting in the UK feels lonely. Most of the people waiting to break their fasting at home with their families.

  1. Finland
Source: https://www.99.co/

Scandinavian countries which are located very close to the North Pole such as Norway and Finland, must fasting for more than 20 hours. In Finland itself, fasting time is about 23 hours. They break their fasting at around 00.30 and return to eat suhoor at around 01.30. (ACP/VAN)

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