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Earth’s Temperature is Always Increasing: This is The Initial Trigger of Current Global Warming


Lately many people feel very stinging heat. This happens because of several factors that ultimately cause the earth’s temperature to increase.

The UK’s Met Office, which is the center for climate prediction, said in its annual update that it was possible that planet Earth had temporarily exceeded major global temperature limits and had increased significantly.

In general, researchers at the UK Meteorological Agency believe that the years 2022 to 2026 will see the hottest temperatures on record. The temperature of the planet Earth is currently increasing, and a new study also states that the planet Earth has a 50% chance of exceeding the global warming threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius. And now, scientists have managed to uncover the initial trigger.

Reporting from Science Alert, scientists previously believed that volcanic eruptions in the Siberian region were one of the causes of global warming in the world. Volcanic eruptions have spewed large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a result, sea surface temperatures have increased by more than 6-8 degrees in hundreds of thousands of years.

Do not stop there, the researchers looked back at what causes the temperature on earth to increase the most. According to researchers prior to the Siberian event, there was a large eruption in northern New South Wales spewing volcanic ash off the east coast. It unleashed an eruption so massive it triggered the world’s biggest climate catastrophe, evidence of which is now hidden deep within Australia’s thick sedimentary piles.

It’s not just the initial cause of the earth’s temperature rise, as the researchers say. Regarding this, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), provided an explanation. Deputy for Meteorology BMKG, Guswanto, said the very hot weather was caused by several things. First, the apparent position of the sun is now north of the equator, which indicates that parts of Indonesia will begin to enter the dry season. Second, the dominance of sunny weather and a low level of turbidity can optimize the reception of sunlight on the earth’s surface, causing the temperature conditions felt by the community to be quite hot during the day. (DVY/SYA)


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