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Reporting from the website – SPU is a voluntary donation given to students / guardians of students / parents of Independent Pathway students, the amount of which is determined by themselves based on their abilities. The money spent on SPU is allowed to be IDR 0,-. SPU is paid only once during the study or study period, which can be paid at the beginning of the year through a bank appointed by UNJ.

This SPU fee levy is actually allowed by the government. Article 84 of Law Number 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education states that people can participate in financing higher education. In addition, Article 85 (2) may also fund higher education from the cost of education borne by the student, depending on the ability of each student, the student’s parents, or other parties to fund it. Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2017 Article 39, Article 8 (Paragraph 1) Letter d ptn charges entrance fees and/or non-UKT fees from students and undergraduate programs in the new diploma program.

Sumber: Edukasi Kompas

In addition, non-UKT admissions and/or other fees charged to new students derived from the independent selection of diploma programs and undergraduate programs, as referred to in paragraph (1) letter d) need to be considered, namely the financial potential of a student, student’s parents, or other parties to fund it. Therefore, UNJ will send the amount of this SPU to the parents of each student / student / guardian and fill it in according to their abilities. Even economically incapacitated students can apply for and receive available scholarships, such as Bidikmisi, KJMU, and other scholarships.

The purpose of the SPU fund is intended to support the development of the university, especially student learning and development, with facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of faculties and study programs there. Over the past three years, infrastructure development will consume funds from PNBP, so we cannot rely on funds coming from PNBP next year. The funds received from UNJ from UKT and BOPTN are insufficient for the development of the university. Therefore, the development and development of universities is seen as necessary to involve parents of students in an independent path. It is important to understand that education funding is a shared responsibility between government and society.

If you need quality education, then community involvement is also needed. It should also be emphasized that by paying this SPU is not a reference for you to graduate at UNJ, so you can fill out the SPU according to the financial capabilities of each student.


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