It doesn’t feel like the new school year is about to begin and it doesn’t feel like we as students will welcome the arrival of younger siblings of prospective new students in every college and university, both public and private. Before that, prospective new students should prepare themselves as well as possible to face the test or selection to enter the university of their dreams.

One of the ways we can help and encourage younger siblings of prospective new students is to provide tips for them so as not to choose the wrong dream campus they want. The things you have to consider in choosing your dream college or university are as follows.

  • Determine the Major According to Your Passion

What you should pay attention to first before you choose your dream campus is that you have to determine a major that suits your talent interests, lest later when you enter the college, you feel that you have chosen the wrong major. If you don’t know what major you will choose, you can consult a BK teacher at your school or you can browse the Internet.

  • Determine Public or Private Campuses

In Indonesia, many students choose state universities to be a priority even by entering majors that do not match their talent interests. One of the reasons for entering a public campus is that the cost is relatively cheap, but in fact on a private campus, the fee is not too expensive, because many private campuses provide scholarship programs, so the cost is not too expensive.


  • Check the Ranking of Your Dream College

After knowing what you will enter, it’s time for you to start looking for the ranking of the university you are going to, basically not a priority, at least you know the ranking of the university or college you will want.

  • Campus Location

Currently, you start choosing a University that you want to choose a location whether it is close to home or far from home, inside the city or outside the city, because knowing where you choose the location of the campus you can plan the costs to be spent.

  • Avoid Joining Friends

Usually at school you have a genk, so friends enter college where you participate in one campus after another. This is not good if you enter a campus that does not match your talent interests. So decide for yourself.

  • Consultation with Close People

You can talk about good higher education options with trusted people such as parents, friends or more experienced people. Consultation will certainly give consideration from the positive and negative sides.

  • Realistic Thinking

The passionate desire to be able to continue his education at A university can be a whip of encouragement. However, you have to keep thinking realistically. Consider carefully according to one’s own abilities both financially and academically.

These tips can be taken into consideration before making a misstep. Remember, college is not just a prestige event but a stage of determining career prospects in the future. Well, do you already have a dream university at this time? Hope it is useful.


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