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Stop Comparing Yourself, Start Focusing on Your Strengths!


Unknowingly, everyone must have compared himself with others. What they have, their strength, what they think makes you look better, subconsciously have to ask, “Do I have something as good as them?” Alternatively, judging one person to another can cause your views to differ.

The simplest reason why we often compare ourselves with others is to seek the certainty that we are better than others, no longer compared. Comparing others, or comparing ourselves with others, often reveals that others also have the same standard of living.

An example of a real-life comparison is when a woman sees someone walking on the street and thinks, “I wish I could be as beautiful as they are,” but this is also the case on social media.

Why people often compare themselves with others, human beings are social beings and comparisons have been common throughout our history. Studies show that the habit of comparing ourselves with others can cause envy, inferiority, depression, and impair our ability to trust others.

We become frustrated because we are not “good enough” or angry at what others see as “perfect”. Comparing constantly leads to jealousy, frustration, and despair. If left untreated, this behavior can lead to chronic anxiety and depression. In order not to compare oneself with others, one can find the fault of others in order to feel better. It’s as unhealthy as blaming yourself for what it doesn’t have.


To break the habit of comparing, you have to focus on improving yourself and increase yourself to be more confidence. Try to train your mind to avoid unfavorable comparisons. Instead, try to embrace kindness and positivity. Some things that can be done to start stopping comparing yourself, include the following.

  • Limit time on social media.
  • Use comparison as motivation.
  • Focus on the advantages possessed.

So, stop comparing yourself to others because this comparison can be stressful. In addition, by doing a comparison of oneself down can make a person appear arrogant or competitive.


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