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The Scarcity of Subsidized LPG Gas for The People of Indonesia

In several areas of Indonesia, there are many cases of scarcity of 3 kg LPG gas or melon tube gas. Many Indonesian citizens have to be willing to stand in long queues to try to get LPG gas. However, not all of those who queue certainly get LPG gas. Many residents have to be sincere about not getting it and are required to look elsewhere.

So what happened to this scarcity? Why does LPG gas which was previously easy to find and buy seem to become a rare item? The main cause is that many people who previously used 12 kg LPG gas have instead used 3 kg LPG gas, which of course reduces the stock of 3 kg LPG gas cylinders.

The second reason is a deviation in the allocation of 3 kg of LPG. Initially, the distribution system for the 3 kg of LPG was closed, meaning only legitimate consumers could buy it. The distribution is now open/free so anyone can buy it. This reflects the inconsistency of the government’s allocation model. Due to price differences and distribution irregularities, there has been a movement from 12 kg users to 3 kg users. As many as 20% of 12 kg users have switched to 3 kg because 12 kg is considered very expensive and 3 kg is cheap because it is subsidized.


As a form of prosecution of this scarcity case, PT Pertamina conducted inspections of several areas that were reportedly experiencing a 3 kg LPG gas crisis. One of the areas visited by PT Pertamina is Banyuwangi, East Java. It was reported last week that the Banyuwangi region was short of 3 kg of LPG. Melon gas canisters are hard to find these days, and even if they are available, they can cost as much as Rp25,000 per can.

The President of The Republic of Indonesia has also opened his voice regarding the case of LPG gas shortages in the majority of Indonesian regions. According to him, the gas, whose price is subsidized by the government, is contested. Because of that, he reminded us that 3 kg LPG Gas is only for the poor citizens of Indonesia. “So regarding the scarcity, let the Minister of BUMN (Erick Thohir) be responsible because it concerns Pertamina, which is under him,” he added.

Therefore, as Indonesian citizens, let us take responsibility together and remind each other that those who are capable should not afford the share of Indonesian citizens, and let those who need it more, 3 kg can use LPG natural gas. So that we can further promote our sense of brotherhood and unity as a proud citizen of Indonesia. (BJW/TB)

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