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The information on pay delays for public employees with work agreements (PPPK) for teachers and healthcare professionals in each area was brought up by Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani. Further inquiry revealed that the local government (Pemda) was the reason the PPPK wage disbursement was delayed.

The PPPK salary disbursement from Sri Mulyani’s agency was always made by the pre-agreed-upon timetable and sum.

“We always ensure that if the data has been agreed upon in our national aggregate, we will calculate the budgetary consequences. However, we will see the process from APBN allocation to APBD, and APBD to PPPK employee expenditure. I see that many Ministries/Institutions (KL) or BLU PPPK are experiencing delays,” said Sri Mulyani in a working meeting with Commission XI DPR RI, on Wednesday (8/30/2023)

He further acknowledged that he frequently discussed the salary delays with the Ministers of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin and Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Nadiem Makarim.

Source: Cilacap Update

“We often talk to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Culture, why are there still complaints about them not getting their salaries or their salaries being late and so on,” said Sri Mulyani.

Even though the General Allocation Fund (DAU), which is distributed each month to all regional administrations (Pemda), includes the PPPK pay.

Additionally, he stated that if it turns out that wages are delayed, this indicates a fault with the administrative procedure and that certain local government officials are not directly using the cash to pay PPPK employees’ salaries.

“There is a problem with the administration process which sometimes is for verification which causes them to wait. There is a process that we have transferred but not used to pay PPPK,” he explained.

Another proactive measure implemented by the Ministry of Finance is an e-marking system.

“That’s why we are now doing e-marking. If this is a DAU transfer to pay salaries, it cannot be used for anything else. We are working with the Ministry of Home Affairs through the APBD process in their respective regions,” said Sri Mulyani.

The State Treasurer noted that several administrative and regulatory issues were connected to and became a common focus when it came to the payment of PPPK salary in KL. However, he made sure that whenever there was a new PPPK formation, he would always talk about this matter with the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Abdullah Azwar Anas, and the Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, had to intervene and review the procedure in each region’s APBD if the issue related to the transfer of general allocation funds (DAU) that were not given to PPPK.

“I saw that several KLs, even BLU PPPK, were also experiencing delays. This looks at whether the process is sometimes at the Director General of Treasury regarding procedures that they ask for accountability and detail versus from the KL of formation by the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Abdullah Azwar Anas) or from us,” said Ani.

“From the regions, it is more complicated through the APBD process, but I have also heard about delays in salaries and we are trying to collaborate with KL and regional governments to ensure that if the budget allocation is there it should be acceptable,” he concluded.

Golkar Fraction Puteri Komarudin, a member of Commission XI, raised the issue of the PPPK salary being paid late. He said that the public has started to talk about this issue.

Sri Mulyani acknowledged that several rules or administrative issues still need to be resolved by Ministries/Agencies and Regional Governments. The solution to this issue requires collaboration. (AKR/NBL)

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