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The Rising Trend of Unauthorized Use of Others’ IDs for Online Loans (Pinjol): How to Check ID Card (KTP) and Safeguarding Your Identity in the Digital Era

The growing trend of using another individual’s ID card (KTP) or personal information without authorization for online loan applications (Pinjol) is a noteworthy phenomenon in our nation. To safeguard yourself from such misuse, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the methods available for verifying whether your KTP is being utilized for online loans or not.

A highly convenient approach to confirm this is by making use of the OJK’s SLIK service. Through this service, you have the option to solicit details about any loans or credits linked to your identity. Consequently, you can thoroughly examine each loan request that utilizes your KTP information.

As digital financial transactions continue to grow in Indonesia, ensuring the security of your personal information is paramount. By staying vigilant and understanding the steps to monitor the usage of your KTP, you can safeguard your financial identity in an increasingly connected world.

In addition, the process of checking the OJK’s SLIK has now been simplified and can be done online through the official website With this convenience, you no longer need to spend hours waiting in queues at the OJK office.

However, before you initiate the checking process, there are several supporting documents that you need to prepare in advance, such as your ID card (KTP), a self-portrait photo, and a photo of yourself with your ID card. Once all these documents are ready, you can follow these steps to perform the OJK’s SLIK check.

Source: subdept reportase econochannel

How to Check OJK’s SLIK Using Your KTP:

  1. Visit the official website;
  2. Select the “Registration” option;
  3. Fill in the required information, including the type of debtor, identification type, nationality, identification number, and the provided CAPTCHA code. Ensure that the information you input is accurate and matches your records;
  4. After all the details are correctly filled, click “Next” to proceed to fill out the OJK’s SLIK form;
  5. Upload the supporting documents you prepared earlier, such as your ID card and self-portrait photo;
  6. Click the “Submit Application” button;
  7. After successful registration, you will receive a registration number as a reference;
  8. You can check the status of your application in the “Service Status” menu by entering the provided registration number;
  9. OJK will process your iDeb application and provide the results via email within a maximum of 1 business day after registration.

With this SLIK report, you will receive detailed information about the loans or credits you have. Consequently, you can verify if your KTP has been used for loan applications, including online loans.

If you come across loans that you don’t recognize or have never applied for, report them immediately and inquire about BI checking or OJK’s SLIK check, through OJK’s contact at 157, which can be reached by phone at 157, via email at, or through WhatsApp at 081-157-157-157.

This way, you can avoid potential identity misuse and ensure the security of your data. (LI/TB)

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