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After Indonesia experienced a very drastic change in a period of 2 years due to the pandemic. During a pandemic, people are unable to celebrate the independence of our homeland. These were the times when the Indonesian people did not think that the pandemic would greatly affect the atmosphere of independence. Now Indonesia has recovered and the Indonesian people can feel the euphoria of independence again. The Indonesian nation, which was previously slumped by the pandemic, is now shining brightly again. The red and white was hoisted at the State Palace with many officials and local people who participated in raising the saka.


Because in truth, what is really missed is the moment of the race on independence day. This has become something that is iconic in the country of Indonesia. The people welcomed independence with joy and laughter. There are so many competitions and each region has its own characteristics in welcoming Indonesia’s independence day. Of course, the existence of activities on this independence day makes people maintain cohesiveness with each other and increase tolerance in the life of the nation and state. The community is also expected to strengthen their love for the homeland.

In celebrating Indonesian independence, there are many activities that are often carried out by the community. Among them there are 5 activities that are very exciting and certainly make us enthusiastic and proud to be Indonesian citizens. The 5 activities are as follows:

1. Thanksgiving Night August 17th

This evening of Thanksgiving is for people to gather in one place and together pray that the State of Indonesia will always be given prosperity and justice and blessings for all its citizens, officials, ministers, and heads of state.

2. August 17th Race


Yep! The competition is the most awaited activity by all people in Indonesia when Independence Day arrives. This is the right place where people practice cohesiveness with each other. The participants of this competition are very diverse, from toddlers, children, teenagers, mothers, and fathers who don’t want to be left behind. This competition is always lively. The kinds of competitions that are often held are cracker eating competitions, sack races wearing helmets, flag-carrying races, water or flour relay competitions, and areca nut climbing.

3. Carnival August 17th


Carnival is an activity that involves the community to enliven the streets. People who want to take part in the carnival usually have to wear unique costumes. As for some areas, the carnival displays popular culture in the area. Carnivals often use themes such as wearing professional clothes (ideals), hero clothes, school uniforms, and costumes of the past. People are competing to find unique costumes because usually there will be an assessment that includes the most unique costumes and the most compact family.

4. Stage Night August 17th

This stage night became an opportunity for the public to perform performances. Every community is given the opportunity to practice and give interesting performances to enliven the stage. Can dance, sing, choir, and perform plays.

It feels so good, now that the Indonesian people are finally able to feel the euphoria of independence that they have longed for after 2 years of being abolished due to the pandemic. Hopefully Indonesia will become a prosperous country. Prosperity to the leader and all his people. (ACP/SYA)





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