Life is tinged with pretense, but it’s not always a good thing. The life seen on social media is not necessarily the same as the real life. Many social media users want to look perfect in their lives. It’s good to show good things to our social media followers, but there are also social media users who always want to look perfect on social media and make themselves different from their real lives.

There is no harm in living life on social media according to real life. Life is not a place to show off, living a life without lies is the first step to living a happy life. There’s no need to think about what other people are going to say, just think about yourself if it’s a good thing.

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Let’s live the life it is without any imagery. If life is accompanied by imaging, there will be high expectations of something that makes us lazy to do it because we feel that life is not a life that suits us. Over time, there will definitely be fatigue when living life with imaging.

Living life as it is, making life not only fixated on one purpose of life. Many things always want to be tried and all abilities will also develop to the maximum. No wonder it feels like the future can be so wide open because there will be many choices that can be taken as a way of life.

In living the life that is, we will easily feel happy because we are used to not placing high expectations of happiness. In fact, with just the simple things we experience every day, we can already feel happy.

Letting life go as it is, will not give rise to the fear of failure. We are no longer someone who expects high to succeed or second-guess the results that will be obtained. We can only focus on doing things to the fullest. We are no longer someone who expects high to succeed or second-guess the results that will be obtained, because success or failure is a matter of later.



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